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Welcome to Eastbury Primary School

We have a vast array of quality educational content available provided for free via our internet provider (LGfl) some of it has won Bett awards.

Most of the content works well on the iPad’s & covers all subject areas from foundation to KS2. We have created this page dedicated to this content to make sure its easy to access & only has the content relevant to us. There is other content available by selecting the LGfl Logo on this page.

The content will only work in school, If you need access to the content at home please ask IT support for your LGfl login details.

LGfl Primary Learning Resources Magazine

Contains information about available LGfl Content.

The Big Day Out

Subject: English Geography History ICT Mathematics Science

Key stage: Foundation KS1

London-based activities for Key Stage 1 incorporating Numeracy, Literacy, Geography, Science and History.