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Welcome to Eastbury Primary School

School Uniform info

School Uniform can be purchased online or in person at Premier School wear, in Dagenham. Click here to access the full range of uniform items available from Eastbury Primary School.

Eastbury Primary School is an amazing school to be at and we want our children to feel that they really are part of something special. Our smart uniform has had a considerable impact on their already positive attitude towards learning. We encourage all children to be in the complete correct uniform each day. There are different uniform expectations according to your year group. These are outlined below:


Parent Support


Mrs Carole Gale is our Family Liaison Officer. Her role is to build a strong relationship and communication between children, parent/carers and school.

Please contact Mrs Gale at any time by phone, e-mail or in person for support in the following areas:


– Introducing new children and their families to our school.

– Transition from Nursery to Primary.

– Liaising with teachers.

– Listening to you and supporting you as Parent/Carers and offering    practical suggestions and advice when required.

– Signposting parents to services available in the Local Authority e.g. Housing benefit, Back to work information. etc.

– Arrange parent courses and coffee mornings.

– Working with families to ensure regular attendance.

– Home visits and family support.

– Advice with illness and medical issues.

This week across the country it has been An-ti-Bullying Week. During the week, we have raised awareness of the bullying of children and implementing ways of pre- venting and responding to it. All children at Eastbury stood united against bullying by wearing their anti-bullying wristbands and showing how they could be kind and respectful to each other.

Our Anti-bullying Ambassadors were rewarded with a trip to the Alexandra Palace for an Anti Bullying event. This involved participating in many different workshops throughout the day, including CBBC, rapping and poem creating with Bars and Melody, Dance, celebrating differences and guest speakers. The action packed day was full of fun, inspiration,andlearning opportunities for our Ambassadors. Not only did they get the opportunity to meet famous people and attend workshops but they also gained lots of great ideas as to how they can raise awareness within Eastbury to start making a difference. Watch this space…

Please check to see if your child qualifies for free school meals.

Click HERE or on our welcome page to find out.

Please do not book holidays during the school term as this will affect your child’s progress. The school will not approve any holiday absences and you may receive a fine.

We have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of children leaving before the end of

the school day to attend medical or dental appointments; this is having an adverse impact on their learning. While we accept it is not possible to schedule all appointments outside school hours, we would be grateful if parents could do everything possible to request appointments at those times. If this is not possible, please let the office know in advance – at the latest, before school on the day of the appointment. We will then provide you with a letter that the doctor/dentist can sign or stamp to confirm that you attended an appointment at that time. If you do not notify us in advance, then your child may be involved in a learning activity that they cannot be released from.

Thank you for working with us in ensuring that children receive the maximum possible learning time.

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