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Welcome to our Year 6 Page

Mrs Swann, Mrs Akhtar, Mrs Keskin, Mrs Begum and Mrs Ferguson would like to welcome you to our Year 6 page.

About Year 6

We provide a positive learning environment where all children are encouraged to become independent learners as well as engaged and challenged in their learning in order to reach their full potential.

In Year 6 the children are taught through formal lessons, which helps to build up their knowledge and confidence in all subject areas. We provide children with engaging activities which ensure they will achieve to the best of their ability.

New KS2 SATS assessments


Children in Year 6 in September 2016 and beyond will need to be prepared for the new style KS2 SATs in 2016. Here’s what you need to know about what the tests involve.

During week beginning 8th May in the Summer Term 2017, children at the end of Key Stage 2 will sit SATs papers.

At the end of Year 6, children will take SATs in:


• Reading (Fiction, non-fiction and poetry)

• English grammar, punctuation and spelling (separate spelling test)

• Maths (1 x Arithmetic and 2 x Reasoning)


The new-style KS2 SATs are due to be administered in May 2016.

Tests are set externally, and will be marked by external examiners. Instead of the old national curriculum levels, children will be given a standardised score. In addition, your child will receive an overall result saying whether they have achieved the required standard in the tests.


You can access the official guidance from the Department of Education here.

Home Support

Parental support is an essential part of the pupils’ development. Please ensure your children complete their homework regularly and use any spare time to extend their learning using their revision guides or the many recommended online resources.

Curriculum Overview Map
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